Advanced blue mirror technology. Greatly reduces glare from headlights  of  following cars.

SOL-GEL blue mirror coating process is different from the conventional mirror vacuum plating process. The mirror vacuum plating process coats adhesion   to the mirror surface only. However, SOL-GEL process creates a chemical reaction combining the SOL-GEL and the mirror by using “dipping” process.      SOL-GEL blue mirror is formed by 6 layers SOL-GEL films. The SOL-GEL blue mirror itself is without any color. The blue color you see is created by the reflection of light entering the mirror. As a result, SOL-GEL blue mirror has great surface hardness, color uniformity and other qualities that the conventional mirror vacuum plating process cannot produce..

The process of producing SO-GEL mirror is very strict. They must be produced in a controlled environment requiring perfect temperature and dryness Because of the strict requirements, SOL-GEL coating process only manufactures such a perfect blue mirror product.

Light is composed of three primary colors (red, green and blue). Human eyes prefer soft blue light. This motives the development of blue mirror.  The blue mirror we offer can reflect 60% of the blue lights and reduces the irritating yellow and red light. Drivers would not be blinded by the light from  the rearview mirror at night.

Sensitivity of human  eyes to lights is limited.  The colors of the light visible by human range from red, orange yellow, green blue to purple. Human   eyes    respond to different color with different sensitivity. The poorest is blue and purple. The most sensitive is orange and yellow. The effect is especially obvious under dim light.  One can see orange and yellow flame as far as 20 to 30 meters. Yet, one often does not detect  blue flame even  within 1 meter. 

Blue rearview mirror specially enhances the sensitivity of blue light for human eyes, and reduces the sensitivity of orange and yellow lights.  It looks blue, thus the name blue mirror.  Blue mirror  has the special effect of anti-glare with clear image.  It is widely used by many European cars such as BMW, Benz, VW and AUDI.  These mirrors were originally limited to luxury cars.

Most automobiles use halogen headlights.  These are “yellow” lights.  Blue mirror reduces yellow light intensity, thus, reduces the glare.  Normal chrome mirror reflects strong sunlight.  Blue mirror reflects soft blue.  It is easy for the eyes.  Blue mirror is suitable both for night driving and day driving.

Features of our super Blue Nano Sol-Gel coating blue mirror :

1.  Reduces dazzling glare. Suitable for both day driving and night driving.

2.  Good anti-glare effect.  High contrast.

3.  Wear resistant.  Does not fade.

4.   Evenly coded.  High quality.