LED Rear Mirror Product Information

Product Features

1. Easy installation

2. Do not change original vehicle circuitry

3. Effective warning indicating the direction the vehicle is moving

4. Concealed assembly.  LED lights are behind the rear mirror.

5. LED lights are synchronous to the turning signal

6. Proper LED light intensity will not affect driver vision

7. No light dispersion.

8. Water repellent. Special treatment on the repels the water.  Maintains mirror clarity.

9. Effective Signaling to drivers on both sides of the vehicle ( especially motor cycles)

LED Rear Mirror Models

N Type

With high quality double tape in the back, this model can be glued directly onto the original rear mirror.  Total mirror thickness is 5 mm.  The lights are connected through      a 2 stage-connector and high quality Flexible Flat Cables (FFC).
Product :
1. 1 pair of high quality mirrors (complete with double foam tape ) .

2. 1 set (2 pieces) of 14 LED super bright LED light.

3. 1 set (4 pieces) Mid -WAY WIRE CONNECTOR.

PRO Type
This model mirror replaces the original mirror. No gluing is involved. After installation, you would not see the difference unless the light is activated

Product :
1. 1 pair of high quality LED mirrors (complete with mirror housing and LED inside ) .

2. 14 LED super bright LED.

3. 1 set (4 pieces) Mid -WAY WIRE CONNECTOR. 




High shear adhesive system for secure long term bonding performance

Good resistance to solvent, chemical UV and heat.

Flexible yet think foam tape compensates contour surface to improve product appearance.


Technical Data

Peel Adhesion


2.5 kg / 25 mm

Shear Strength


Over 24hrs with 2.0kg sandwich stainless steel plate loading on 25mm x 25mm at 25

Normal Tensile Strength


Over 16kg / 25 mm x 25 mm

Servicing Temperature


-20 ~ 100


material of mirror

material of glass

thickness of glass

camber of mirror

color of mirror

standard of mirror


optical glass

2mm ( Heat-Strengthened )tolerance (+0.1/-0.3)

R1400 / R1000 / R800 / R700 / R600

car use chrome

original O.E.M standard


Illustrations of Rearview Mirrors with LED on/off

When the directional LED lights are not activated,
 it looks just like a regular mirror.
When turn signal on, inside the led will show on


Comparison of LED Rearview Chrome Mirror and Genuine Mirror

Mirrors used by LED mirror products (Chrome Mirror)

Genuine Mirror


Light Reflection

Regular Glass
Pros Cons

Chrome Surface
Clearer Vision Less Clear Vision
Water Repellant Treatment No Water Repellant Treatment
Anti-GlareTreatment No Anti-Glare Treatment



Anti-Glare Feature

A special optical process treatment which effectively diffuses the lights from the vehicle in the rear

For night driving, lights from the vehicle in the rear reflected in the rearview mirror is very dangerous to the drivers, especially, when one tries to change lanes.  

Our LED rearview mirrors are treated with special anti-glare optical process to effectively diffuse the light from the rear vehicle.

The feature alone can reduce the safety concerns of drivers caused by the glare from the lights from the rear.





Water Repellant feature  

A necessary feature for driving in the rain.  It provides clearer vision for the driver and ensures the driving safety.

Our LED mirrors are treated with water repellant.  The treatment is an integral part of the production process.  It is not a post-production process which can only provide short-term effect.