HSR Company Ltd. began operation in 1999. The main business is import/export of auto parts and accessories.
Our main market is Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


In 2001, we became the dealer of the well-known SPARCO - SABELT - ISOTTA in Taiwan


We started our own line of products trademarked HSR ¡§ HIGH SPEED RACING.¡¨ The products include Muffler, Brake Pad, Gear knob, Pedal kit and more car accessories.


We introduced the products made by the well-known Italian steering wheel manufacturer SPORTLINE & LUISI and lubricant/transmission oil by SENTINEL into our market area

More significantly, starting from this year, we began developing and manufacturing our own auto accessories. Inaddition to business, we have been actively participating racing activities in Taiwan. We have own racing team and we also sponsor of many other racing teams in Taiwan.

HSR Company Ltd. is more than just an import/export company. Because of the importance of plastic, we invest in companies making plastic molds and plastic injection molding, We are supported by strong R&D teams and strong partnership. In addition to developing our own products.

We are also do customization based on customers¡¦ special request. Because of our ability to develop new product and our commitment to quality, As a result, we are able to earn the trust and confidence of our long-term customers.

From the very beginning of our company, we have committed to be the best in our industry. As the result of our superior quality commitment, Our LED rear mirror has been chosen by Taiwanese automobile industry as original parts.

Devoted to the prosperity of our customers, our communities and our company, Through commitment,we will continue to build the strong partnership, and keep exceeding your expectations.


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